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Our offer for students

Alumina Systems GmbH in Redwitz is a highly innovative company in the field of technical ceramics and ceramic-metal composite components. As an internationally positioned company, we offer students and university graduates a wide range of opportunities to successfully shape their own careers.

Focus on innovation:

At Alumina Systems, the focus is on “innovation.” We offer students who are interested in innovative technologies and materials the right environment for internships and for starting a career after successfully completing their studies (especially in the field of materials science). In the field of technical ceramics and ceramic-metal composite components, we offer students the opportunity to participate in advanced projects and explore groundbreaking technologies.

Practical experience:

Alumina Systems offers students a variety of opportunities to apply theoretical knowledge in practice. Internships, term papers or theses could serve as platforms to gain insights into the industrial application of technical ceramics.

Career opportunities:

Alumina Systems offers students and graduates excellent career opportunities and development prospects. Graduates can develop their professional skills and pursue long-term career goals.

Research opportunities:

The opportunity to participate in research projects or conduct thesis work in the field of technical ceramics could be particularly attractive to students who have a scientific bent.

International environment:

Alumina Systems operates in an international environment, so students get the opportunity to work in a global context and gain cross-cultural experience.

Combining ceramics and metal

The combination of technical ceramics and metal in composite components offers students interested in materials science and materials engineering completely new perspectives and particularly valuable experience.

Cooperation with the TH Nuremberg

Alumina Sysmtems works closely with the Technical University OHM Nuremberg. More information about the dual study program can be found via this link:

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alumina systems melanie konradi

Melanie Konradi

Kaufmännische Leitung (CFO)
Alumina Systems GmbH

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Wolfgang Jansen

Betriebsleitung/ Prokurist
Alumina Systems GmbH

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