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The Company

Alumina Systems GmbH manufactures customer-specific ceramic-metal composite components from the high-performance material aluminum oxide. Alumina Systems GmbH supplies around 60% of the global market for semiconductor housings with chip diameters of up to 6 inches and produces more than 200,000 components per year using the series soldering process. With core technologies such as dry pressing, metallization, passive and active soldering in continuous furnaces and electroplating, we also manufacture products for our other business areas such as vacuum, laser, X-ray, energy, plasma, medical, accelerator and measurement technology.

Our Products

The roots and experience of Alumina Systems GmbH go back to the ceramics division of the world-famous company Siemens. In addition to transistor and diode housings, the employees of Alumina Systems GmbH in Redwitz also produce vacuum interrupter ceramics as well as vacuum feedthroughs and customer-specific special components. Standards have been developed for vacuum feedthroughs that allow easy adaptation to the designs used in vacuum technology (ISO, CF).

With the special know-how in the field of ceramic-metal composites, a wide range of electronics can be covered: from bondable substrates to laser beam generator tubes and kicker tubes for accelerator systems.

The design of such sophisticated components is carried out at Alumina Systems GmbH using an FEM-supported component calculation to determine the mechanical and thermal stresses. This makes it possible to select and evaluate design alternatives in advance of the design phase and thus prevent trial and error before the first component goes into production.