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Ceramic-metal composite components for vacuum technology

Alumina Systems manufactures metal-ceramic composite components with an ultra-high vacuum, which places particularly high demands on both materials and joining techniques. Our ceramics consist of materials that are mixed in-house based on years of experience. The fired ceramics are non-porous and absolutely free of outgassing. They have high mechanical strength, high gas tightness and absolutely clean surfaces. Due to their high resistance to corrosion and temperature changes, our components are particularly suitable for extreme applications.

Ceramic-metal composite components are always used where large currents need to be switched. Alumina Systems supplies vacuum current feedthroughs as weldable single feedthroughs, as well as single, double, triple and quadruple current feedthroughs with CF flange or KF flange. Alumina Systems also manufactures vacuum insulators (weldable or with flange) and vacuum interrupters.