Energy Systems

Alumina Systems leads the way in HVDC technology

Alumina Systems GmbH is a global leader in the manufacture of semiconductor housings in HVDC technology (high voltage direct current transmission). In addition to standardized components, we offer customized solutions for ceramic-metal composites. Our special know-how and many years of experience in the conception, design and layout of HVDC components enable us to install sophisticated and optimized composite housings. These are used in the high-end area of energy transmission up to the power range > 10 GW. Alumina Systems GmbH is the global quality leader in semiconductor housings. We are development partners of the leading OEMs who place high demands on the safety and efficiency of high-performance HVDC applications. Our products offer you lower transmission losses, higher energy transmission and greater cost-effectiveness.

Product information

  • Dimensions: 1″ to 6″ diameter, nickel-plated
  • Types: thyristors / diodes / rock-tops
  • Materials: Al2O3 96 %; OF-Cu; NiFe42
  • Connection technology: passive soldering
  • External ceramic surface: glazed
  • He-vacuum tightness: 10-9 mbarL/s
  • Adhesive strength metallization: > 200 N/mm2 (mean value)