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Battery Systems

CeraSalt® is our storage solution of electricity from renewable energies in the 21st century

The CeraSalt® battery storage system has significant advantages over conventional lithium-ion batteries:

  • On the electrolyte side, CeraSalt® only requires common salt and nickel. These raw materials are available in Europe and are obtained in an environmentally friendly way compared to lithium and cobalt.
  • Due to its design, the CeraSalt® battery is intrinsically safe, i.e. it can neither burn nor explode.
  • The CeraSalt® battery is extremely environmentally friendly and can be completely downcycled.
  • The CeraSalt® battery will be available at a significantly lower price than lithium-ion batteries.

CeraSalt® Home Solution will be available from 2024

CeraSalt® Home Solution will be available from 2024. Alumina Systems will not sell directly to end customers, but only through distribution partners. We therefore ask private customers to refrain from inquiries.

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