In our reseach lab are available all necessary test equipment for material developments. Beside our standard materials it is possible to adjust several material properties to custome specifications. Most of the testing and determination of material parameters is done inhouse. Other tests are done by accaccredited laboratories.

The test devices are also used to set up our own material data base for our Finite Element Method (FEM) used for product design.

Lab Equipment:

  • tensile testing machine max. test force 50kN
  • Vacuum kiln to 1.000°C
  • Lab-kiln to 1.800°C (atmospheric)
  • High temperature dilatometer to 1.750°C (atmospheric/inert gas)
  • light microscope
  • X-Ray layer thickness measurement
  • specimen preparation (ceramic and metal)
  • measuring machine (600mm x 800mm x 600mm)
  • He leak test up to 10-12 mbar l/s
  • surface resistivity at 5 and 10kV DC