Vacuum Feedthroughs

for Control, Measurement, Regulation, Power Supply

Are you looking for vacuum tight connections and wiring combined with electric ceramic insulation and high electric strength? Alumina Systems GmbH offers a broad standard program of ceramic vacuum feedthroughs for your applications: control, measurement, regulation and power supply. Take advantage of the long-term experience of Alumina Systems GmbH in developing and producing such composite parts. We support you as a reliable partner to establish your customized applications and requirements. We guarantee our customers consistent high quality and satisfaction.

Electrical Feedthroughs Standard Program

  • Vakuum-tightness till 10-9 mbarL/s
  • Insulation resistance >1012 Ω, tested at 10 kV DC
  • External ceramic surface glazed
  • Operating temperature: -180°C to +600°C
  • Conductor material: Cu, NiFe42 or Ni
  • Max. Voltage 8 kV, current 80 A (standard program)

Other versions available upon request.