Vacuum Breaks

Vacuum breaks are used in vacuum technology for electric insulation combined with vacuum tightness. Therefore Aluminiumoxid-Ceramic is responsible for the electric insulation. Alumina Systems GmbH is producing such insulating Aluminiumoxid tubes for high voltage vacuum applications till and above 150kV. Our customers benefit from our long-term experience in designing and producing composite components. Alumina Systems GmbH offers standard and customized vacuum insulators. We make an active contribution in product quality and performance for our customers.

Vacuum Breaks Standard Program

  • Vakuum-thightness till 10-9 mbarL/s
  • Insulation resistance >109 Ω, tested at 5 kV
  • DC Versions: weldable, with ISO-KF-flanges, with CF-flanges
  • Flange size up to CF DN160 (standard program)

Other versions available upon request.