HVDC Applications

Alumina Systems GmbH is worldwide leader in the manufacture of HVDC (high voltage direct current) housings. Alongside standardized components, we offer customer-specific solutions in ceramic-metal-composite. Our special know-how and years of experience in the concept and design of these parts allows us to supply optimized HVDC housings to the high-end energy transfer market till a power range >10 GW. Within this business, Alumina Systems GmbH is among the quality leaders in the field. We are the development partner of numerous OEM’s with elevated requirements for safety and efficiency. Our products offer you lower transfer losses, improved energy transfer and better economics.

Product Information:

  • Dimensions: 1" to 6" diameter, nickel plated
  • Thyristors, diodes and rock-tops
  • Materials: Al2O3 96 % and OFHC Copper/NiFe42
  • Assembly technology: passive braze external ceramic surface glazed
  • Vacuum tightness to 10-9 mbarL/s
  • Metallization tensile strength > 200 N/mm2 mean value)