Quality Management

Our corporate objective is to furnish products and services to meet customers‘ expectations, manufactured safely, reliably and without impacting on the environment. Our manufacture therefore deploys state-of-the-art methods with minimal impact on people or their environment. Moreover, our products offer our customers superb functionality on short lead times with sound economic benefits. Our further objectives are to continuously improve the effectiveness and efficiency of our processes and of the world in which we work, such as environmental protection, energy efficiency, fire prevention, resource management and occupational health. We seek not only to adhere to laws norms and standards, but to actively engage in the continuous improvement of quality, environmental protection, and personal and equipment safety levels. Quality, occupational health energy efficiency and protection of the environment are the foundations upon which Alumina Systems GmbH builds. This means identifying the causes of problems, defining targets and measures for improvement and monitoring progress. The improvement process is designed as a control loop to maintain our operative business and continuously hone our return on investment and business success.