Alumina Systems Well Prepared for Digital Challenges

EN-Digital_Innovation_Quotient_Zeichenfläche 1

Alumina Systems GmbH in Redwitz/R. was again awarded the "Assisted Assessment Certificate" of the "European Innovation Management Academy". This was preceded by a certification process accompanied by "Bayern Innovativ". Alumina Systems was evaluated in direct comparison to 106 companies from the industrial sector with up to 500 employees from twelve European countries. The focus of the assisted assessment was on the areas of "digital innovation strategy", "digital business model" and "digital processes".

Alumina Systems' "digital business model" was rated particularly positively. With 59%, Alumina Systems GmbH met the requirements of the "Digital Innovation Quotient" almost on a par with the innovation champions (65%). The average of all participating companies was only 45%. At Alumina Systems, the area of ​​"data analysis" was rated above average with 60% (average at 33%). The company received a place among the digital champions for the areas of "operational profit growth rate" (average at 35%) and "digital revenue" (average at 60%).

The jury gave a particularly positive assessment of the fact that Alumina Systems GmbH now generates around 20% of its sales via the website and that sales from innovations are constantly increasing. Currently, 50 percent of all products are real innovations.

Dr. Holger Wampers, Managing Director of Alumina Systems GmbH, thanked Bayern Innovativ for supporting us with this assessment. "My team and I are particularly pleased that our efforts in digitizing our business model were rated so positively," emphasized Dr. Wampers and added: "We relied on data-supported process optimization at an early stage and involved employees in digital innovation projects. We have created individual further training plans for our employees with a special focus on digital skills.” They are also pleased that the assessment has shown the company further potential (e.g. increasing brand awareness in the area of ​​3D printing and FEM simulation).

Alumina Systems has received numerous awards for innovations in recent years. Most recently, in November 2020, the company received the "Innovative Life Award" from Bayern Innovativ. Alumina Systems has already been recognized twice as a TOP 100 Innovator (2017 and 2019). In addition, the company received the "Best Component Award" from the trade journal Ceramic Application in 2018.