Alumina Systems GmbH works with
above-average sustainability


Alumina Systems GmbH in Redwitz / R. operates sustainably above average. That is why the company has now been awarded the Assisted Assessment Certificate from the European Innovation Management Academy. The company scored particularly well in the areas of “economic sustainability”, “social sustainability” and “management of sustainable development”. In the areas of "sustainable innovation" and "sustainable economic growth", the company even did better than the champions - the top 10 percent - of the areas.

The basis for the evaluation was an assessment in which Alumina Systems GmbH was accompanied by Bayern Innovativ. The company had to prove its sustainability in response to questions such as "Promote and use innovations in the company" or "Do you promote long-term and sustainable economic growth in your company and beyond?" Alumina Systems GmbH was compared with 54 companies in Germany, Austria, France, Spain, Italy, Croatia and Romania.

The comparison companies also came from the area of ​​"industrial production" in the size class up to 500 employees. Alumina Systems GmbH also performed extremely well in the area of ​​“social sustainability”.

The company achieved 93% of the points and placed itself well above the average and even above the top ten percent of the comparison companies. The following were rated as strengths: the basic standard of living, social equality, education, health and sustainability of the cities and municipalities at the location.

Dr. Holger Wampers, Managing Director of Alumina Systems GmbH, thanked Bayern Innovativ for accompanying this assessment. “My team and I are particularly pleased that our company has once again received an award; in this case for our sustainable business. “They are particularly happy about the excellent performance in international comparison. Alumina Systems has received several awards for innovations in the past few years. In spring 2021 the company received the Assisted Assessment Certificate for “Innovation”. In November 2020 Bayern Innovativ presented the “Innovativ Leben Award”. Alumina Systems has already been named a TOP 100 innovator twice (2017 and 2019). In addition, in 2018 the company received the “Best Component Award” from the specialist magazine Ceramic Application.