Alumina Systems GmbH exceptionally innovative


Alumina Systems GmbH in Redwitz/R. has again been successfully certified by an IMP3ROVE assessment, in which the company was supported by "Bayern Innovativ". It was found that Alumina Systems is by far the most innovative company. Around 800 companies in Europe were compared. The comparison companies also came from the "industrial production" sector with up to 500 employees.

Compared to the assessment of the previous year, Alumina Systems was able to make significant gains in the "Innovation" area. Alumina Systems was able to gain around 5 percentage points both compared to the average of all companies evaluated and compared to the "growth champions".

Dr. Holger Wampers, Managing Director of Alumina Systems GmbH, thanked Bayern Innovativ for supporting us with this assessment. “My team and I are particularly pleased that our company has once again received an award; this year, above all, for our continuous innovations.” They are particularly happy that they did better than the so-called growth champions.

Alumina Systems has received several awards for its innovations in recent years. In spring 2021, the company received the Assisted Assessment Certificate for "Innovation". In November 2020, Bayern Innovativ presented the "Innovative Life Award". Alumina Systems has already been recognized twice as a TOP 100 Innovator (2017 and 2019). In addition, the company received the "Best Component Award" from the trade journal Ceramic Application in 2018.