Alumina Systems lecture hall inaugurated at TH Nuremberg

Alumina Systems GmbH has become a new lecture hall sponsor at the Georg Simon Ohm University of Applied Sciences in Nuremberg. The ceremony took place in lecture hall WE.206 at the Wassertorstraße site, which now proudly bears the name “Alumina Systems Lecture Hall”. The inauguration took place in the presence of University President Prof. Dr. Niels Oberbeck, Dean of the Faculty of Materials Engineering Prof. Dr. Hannes Kühl, as well as Prof. Dr. Michael Mirke and Prof. Dr.-Ing. Dr.-Ing. Holger Wampers, Managing Director of Alumina Systems GmbH, and Sales Manager Norbert Müller also took part in the ceremony.

Alumina Systems GmbH, which specializes in high-performance ceramics and joining technology, is thus demonstrating its commitment to promoting education and research. Prof. Dr. Hannes Kühl praised the partnership and emphasized the importance of the company as a pioneer in the implementation of innovative developments. In particular, Alumina Systems was highlighted as an example of medium-sized companies that make a significant contribution to overcoming the challenges of the energy transition through their innovative strength.

Dr. Wampers emphasized the strategic cooperation with the university as a logical conclusion for innovative companies in the ceramics sector. The dual study program and the various courses of study, including Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees, play a decisive role in securing the growth course and generating innovative ideas.

Alumina Systems GmbH is a leader in the production of vacuum-tight metal-ceramic composite components made of aluminum oxide and a metallic joining partner. These components are used in various high-performance sectors such as HVDC, energy, laser, X-ray, plasma, medical and acceleration technology. The close cooperation with Nuremberg Institute of Technology strengthens the link between education and industry by providing students with in-depth technical knowledge and practical insights into research and development activities.

The cooperation enables Alumina Systems to meet the increasing demand for customer-specific high-end applications. Advanced simulation techniques are used to analyze mechanical and thermal stresses on components before the actual design stage, resulting in efficient and customized solutions.

Alumina Systems GmbH is looking forward to a fruitful collaboration with Nuremberg Institute of Technology and sees the link between science and business as a win-win situation for both sides. Students benefit from practice-oriented insights and optimal preparation for their future careers in innovative companies such as Alumina Systems.

Picture above: In front of the entrance to the new Alumina Systems lecture hall (from left): Prof. Dr.-Ing. André Leonide (Professor at the Faculty WT), Norbert Müller (Sales Manager Alumina Systems GmbH), Dr. Holger Wampers (Managing Director Alumina Systems GmbH), Prof. Dr. Niels Oberbeck (University President), Prof. Dr.-Ing. Hannes Kühl (Dean of the Faculty WT), Prof. Dr. Michael Mirke (Professor at the Faculty WT) (Photo: Mario Kraußer)

Picture below: In the foyer of the Faculty of Materials Engineering, a showcase was also unveiled in which Alumina Systems GmbH presents itself. Some original parts are also on display: a battery cell for the new CeraSalt® energy storage system, a mini satellite engine produced using ceramic 3D printing, a 3D-printed segment of a ceramic gas distributor ring for coating semiconductor wavers and a metal-ceramic sensor ring for controlling marine diesel engines.