Alumina Systems supports “Oberfranken leuchtet” in Redwitz

In a remarkable alliance between industry and the community, Alumina Systems GmbH is sending out a strong signal of regional solidarity. The company is actively supporting the ambitious “Oberfranken leuchtet in Redwitz” project, which was launched in collaboration with the “Oberfranken Offensiv e.V.” association. The project will take place from October 20 to 29, 2023.

The background to the project is the idea of enhancing the townscape of Redwitz in Upper Franconia with an innovative light installation. Alumina Systems GmbH, a major player in the region in the field of technical ceramic-metal composite components, recognized the opportunity to be perceived not only as an employer, but also as a promoter of cultural initiatives and community projects.

“Oberfranken leuchtet in Redwitz” (Upper Franconia shines in Redwitz) puts the town in the limelight with high-quality technical and creative light installations. The event is accompanied by a large supporting program. The Gutshofschänke at the castle is open every day and offers food and drinks. The photo exhibition “People from Redwitz” will take place on the market square as an additional light project and shows the colorful coexistence in Redwitz. Historical pictures and old film footage are shown daily in the community center and the former “Weißes Lamm” inn.

The aim of the “Oberfranken leuchtet in Redwitz” project is to create a unique ambience by effectively illuminating public spaces, historic buildings and striking landmarks. Alumina Systems GmbH, which has its roots deep in the region, wants to make a sustainable contribution to the beautification of the living environment through this support.

“We firmly believe that a strong company not only bears economic responsibility, but should also assume social and cultural responsibility. The cooperation with ‘Oberfranken Offensiv’ enables us to make a positive contribution to the development of our home region,” emphasizes Dr.-Ing. Holger Wampers, Managing Partner of Alumina Systems GmbH.

The “Oberfranken Offensiv” association plays a key role in this context. As a non-profit association, it is committed to promoting projects that sustainably improve the quality of life in Upper Franconia. Through its partnership with Alumina Systems GmbH, “Oberfranken Offensiv” is able to support the “Oberfranken leuchtet in Redwitz” project with additional resources and expertise.

The “Oberfranken leuchtet in Redwitz” project will therefore not only lead to a visual enhancement of the community, but will also serve as an example of successful cooperation between business and civil society. The commitment of Alumina Systems and the support of “Oberfranken Offensiv” will not only bring light into the streets of Redwitz, but also create a shining example of successful regional cooperation.